Friday, 15 May 2009

The last can of Tsingtao

The minibar fridge in the hotel room was a good place to keep a couple of tins of Tsingtao beer for the odd moments when I wanted a drink for normal prices. Two large tins of beer for around a quid - how I appreciate the 7-11 store. But when it came time to check out of the hotel on the last morning, I found I still had a large tin of beer left. After packing everything else, I put the beer in a bag with a couple of bottles of water, one for me and one for Llewellyn, with the idea of giving it to someone before it got too warm out of the fridge. I didn't want to drink a beer at that time of the morning. I thought I would give it to one of the staff in the hotel, but they really did not look the drinking type, and they had not done anything special, anyway. I passed the doorman, and thought about giving it to him, but somehow I felt it would just confuse him. We ended up carrying it all the way to the White Star Ferry terminal. I'd almost forgotten about it when I saw two tramps drinking beer and arguing loudly in Chinese at each other. I was relieved to have found someone who would really appreciate a tin of beer, and they did. They were well pleased with the unsolicited gift, and I was happy to have added to their contentment for today.


Michael Quigley said...

Grat to hear you are having a nice time in Hong Kong.

I once gave a bottle of vodka and orange to a homeless person. He seemed to appreciate this more than money!

And a friend of mine went to McDonalds and bought a quarter-pounder. They gave him another for free. SOme kind of 2 for 1 offer. He went outside to give it to the tramp near the door who refused the meal saying "I don't eat that (let's use the word "muck" here), mate!"

Best regards,


Will Hughes said...


You can't win them all, eh?



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