Monday, 11 May 2009

First full day

Arriving on time at Hong Kong PolyU, I met Daniel Chan in the reception area, after bumping into Patrick Lam. Heng Li was there before long, limping nicely after getting a football injury, and we discussed the programme for the week. I got introduced to my office all set up for me, with computer and printer. Everything was set for a busy week. Lunch was with Prof Geoffrey Shen, Albert Chan, Patrick Lam and Daniel Chan, and I was very happy to be back with the gang.

I was soon set up in the office and working through e-mails between chats with various members of staff who popped in from time to time to say hello and compare notes about what we were all up to. The day was over quite quickly and in the evening, Llewellyn and Christy took me for a wander around the markets and shops of Mongkok. It's a busy and colourful place!

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