Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I was on the Nürburgring again on 1st November. 13 laps of awesome riding - what's that, about 260km on the track? We had a 600 km ride there the first day, then one day messing around on local roads, then the laps, then the fourth day 600 km home again. Just brilliant. The FJR is still stunningly awesome. It really comes into its own both on long touring journeys like the journey to Germany, and on the track, where it can keep pace with most of the sports bikes, except the best. The power is just awe-inspiring, and the ability to chuck it around the track is confidence-building. I had a few nervous moments, but that was me, not the bike. I would say that although a trip like that takes me to the point where I am riding at the limits of my capability, I have yet to reach the limits of the bike's capability.

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