Sunday, 11 January 2009

First week back

The first full week back at work has been a time for tidying up. Hundred of e-mails that I've read and not answered, and thousands of files on my computer that have been cluttering up my workspace for too long. I have spent several hours a day revisiting these old e-mails, deleting anything that is not absolutely necessary. Some e-mails I had kept thinking that I would get around to taking some action on them later, when there is time. But now I have to acknowledge to myself that there won't be time. One consequence of sorting through them all was finally finishing off a major paper jointly-authored with Stephen Gruneberg, on Performance-based contracting. Finally we can get this submitted. I still have two book chapters and a couple of journal papers to finish, as well. One book chapter I had committed to has disappeared. The editor of that book decided that it was going to take too long to wait for me, so he asked someone else instead, and now has the chapter he needs. In terms of tidying up my computer, I have got in quite a mess with trying to syncrhonize the documents on the various computers that I use. Every time I synchronize two of the computers with each other, all the files I had deleted from one are resinstated unless I deleted them from the other! I have ended up with four different locations for all my document files, so I was finding it impossible to lose and files that I had tried to delete. The solution? Make an "old documents" folder on all four computers, and then move anything I want from there to a fresh new documents folder, which can be synchronized across all locations. Now I can pick up everything I need from a sub-folder, and then remember to delete the whol sub-folder in all four locations. All this for data security. It is remarkable how difficult it is to maintain a usable and robust backup regime with computers.

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Weisheng said...

I am also suffering from this sync problem. You situation is more sophiscated as I understand you may use desktop at home. I only have two computers and I found no solution. I have been thinking to buy a mobile hardisk that will stand on my desk, and my computers can sycn with the hardisk automatically, some experience similar to sync your PDA when you put it on the strand. But I am still looking for such a function.

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