Tuesday, 25 November 2008

A sense of purpose

Our vision for the School of Construction Management and Engineering (SCME) is to grow the strong multi-disciplinary research base underpinning aspects of construction management in which we have developed an internationally-leading reputation. The vocational disciplines around which our work is focused are not usually the focus of research funding in their own right and, therefore, on the face of it, our research and our teaching seem to be in different areas. That difference is more one of perception than reality. The professional institutions are acutely aware of the need for the professions to develop their respective bodies of knowledge. This extends beyond understanding what passes for best professional practice, to understanding the underlying sciences that can explain and challenge professional practice. In other words, the view in SCME is that the construction professions are not academic disciplines in their own right, but fields of application of theoretical frameworks and empirical research methods drawing widely from management, organization, law, economics, engineering, mathematical modelling, and so on. This is why we appoint academics who are specialists in diverse academic areas, with experience of the complexities of the construction sector. Each academic discipline brings a unique insight into the built environment, and the sector is strengthened as a result. It is this approach that makes SCME a world-class leader of the field. We want to continue to bring diverse academic disciplines to bear on the problems confronting the construction sector so that we can develop new ways of working, new approaches to complex problems, based upon robust and rigorous academic research that not only informs that practical world of construction internationally, but also contributes to the theory-building that helps the mainstream academic disciplines to deal with the complexities of the built environment. We seek to develop the professions in the UK and internationally by providing fundamental insights based on rigorous multi-disciplinary research.

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Grand strategy said...

In a way SCME builds a heterogeneously tolerant society in terms of multi-disciplinary academic world. Such a society is attractive to students who should understand the requirements for construction jobs. I remind my first impressions of construction tasks when I was involved in the tasks as a client. Construction involves plenty of laws, technical criteria of facilities, procurable materials on site, the estimated prices of materials, actual procedure of construction, several demarcations which are necessary knowledge to accomplish one construction. In my case, I have learnt them by going into business, not from my university which gave me just natural science based knowledge. What I want to emphasise is not denial of the education of my univ., but the beauty of SCME.Mono-disciplinary person is unsuitable for construction manager who should be academically well-balanced. I share a sense of purpose in SCME beyond research frame.

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