Tuesday, 7 April 2009


In trying to work together with Sam Laryea today, I wanted to work on a spreadsheet together with him, because he had listed items from several documents alongside each other, and I wanted to show him how I intended to line things up so that we could use this as a basis for a paper we are working on. Normally, we would just sit together at the computer, but today we were in different locations. After a bit of browsing around the internet, I found this free software solution called Crossloop, which has to be installed on both machines. Then one person can invite the other to view their computer. Sam invited me in and straight away I could open Excel (on his machine and open the document he'd saved (because it was listed in recent documents). I could then move things around while talking with him through Skype, and we got to where we needed to be.

Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal explains it all very clearly from here.


Weisheng said...

Will, MSN is also able to meet your demand. More professionally, we can use VNC to do this.

Will Hughes said...

I used to use VNC a lot. Is it still our there? I could not see a button to click in MSN (although I am using a new version called Windows Live Messenger) - that would be a useful function, but would it let you hand over control of your computer to the other person, or does it just send an image of your desktop?

Weisheng said...

It seems you want to control his computer remotely (you openned excel files in his computer). Then you can do this through MSN by using MSN>Actions>Request Remote Assistance. I think this function is similar to what VNC provides.

If you just want to send an image of your desktop, simply press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and press CTRL+P in your MSN. The image of the desktop will be pasted and sent to the receiver.

Andrew_Mikogo said...

Hi Will,
Desktop sharing can certainly save you a lot of time when distance prevents you from working face-to-face. For future needs, I'd like to suggest Mikogo, the free online meeting software app. This allows you to share your screen with up to 10 people in an online meeting - great for working in a group over the Web. Remote keyword and mouse control is an included feature, plus many other features such as recording, whiteboard, scheduler, file transfer, switch presenter, and more. And there is a Mac version too, so you can share screens with colleagues/clients on Macs.
If you drop by our website and would like to know more about Mikogo, feel free to contact me.

Thanks, and keep up the desktop sharing :-)

Andrew Donnelly
The Mikogo Team

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